C1 ACTIVITY- Kick- off meeting

C1 ACTIVITY- Kick- off meeting

October 21st- 25th, 2019

The main objectives of this meeting were closely linked to project ́s objectives- Improving school staff competence in languages and ICT as well as teaching methodology and  applying methods to implement cross disciplinary work (CLIL, PBL). 

The Implementation Plan was created, including general rules for a good project management.

We set up a plan to work, to obtain project objectives to prepare tools to monitor and evaluate the project and also share our responsibilities for each part of the project among the international team. Project implementation plan was created with activities, schedule and deadlines

Also there were 3 workshops prepared by an external tutors. All workshops were only partly theoretical but mainly focused on project activities which can be done. We chose external tutors on a base of their deep experience in specific fields. 

  • Oct. 22nd- ICT tools, Future Classroom Lab- tutor Jana Bohackova 
  • Oct. 23rd- Getting to know and use CLIL practice- tutor Michaela Hlavacova
  • Oct. 25th- Project based learning- tutor Irina Minakova

 Meeting ́s schedule:
1st DAY- arrival, informal meeting, accommodation, meeting the headmistress, showing around the school, meeting up the students, meeting to work on a project implementation plan (Objective 5)
2nd DAY- ICT tools and future classroom lab  workshop, afternoon working on project implementation plan (objectives 4 and 5)
3rd DAY- Getting to know and use CLIL practice workshop, afternoon work on project implementation plan, project activities, lessons plans (objectives 4 and 5)
4th DAY- tour around Prague- students as guides
5th DAY- Project based learning workshop, afternoon work will be focused on project monitoring, evaluation and outcomes and follow up (objectives 4 and 5), meeting record with tasks and deadlines